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The Soapbox section is for consumer issues which we consider to be highly irritating and worthy of special attention.

There are concerns that go beyond the one time rip-off by some unscrupulous person we meet along the way. Some examples of these are:

  • Telemarketing:
     the practice of calling you at the most inopportune time for a sales pitch
  • Junk email:
     we would all be rich and have the largest sexual organs in the world by now
  • Mysterious price hikes:
     like gasoline prices rising for some unknown reason
  • Utilities:
     incredible jumps in the cost of utilities due to the likes of what Enron and others were doing
  • Identity theft:
    devastating results caused by this crime where the consumer is guilty until proven innocent, if ever
  • Others:
    that may come to the forefront in the future

If you have some concerns that merit being in the spotlight, let us know.

Angry Consumer

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