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About Us

An angry consumer This guy is the Angry Consumer. He is part of our logo and signifies someone who is upset at the outcome of a business transaction.
Irritated Consumer This is the face of a Frustrated Consumer. It is used at the start of a negative consumer experience.
Smiling Consumer And this is the face of the Happy Consumer. It is used at the start of a positive consumer experience.

Disclaimer: WorldWide Web Service provides this site as a public service, and as an effort to generate revenue from advertising and donations. WorldWide Web Services is not responsible for the opinions expressed by the persons that write letters to this site. We publish the letters without editing their content, spelling, additions or deletions. The writer's email address is included in almost all the letters. We are not an anonymous or hate site. Letters published are considered to be in generally acceptable good taste, and express the experiences consumers encounter with products, goods, and services.

Why was Angry Consumer created?
This site came about as the result of my own experiences and those of my friends and acquaintances. It became apparent to me that there is a lot wrong with the way we consumers are sometimes treated .

A few of the issues discussed here are merely annoyances. Others are no less than fraudulent business practices. Saying this does not preclude the fact that often goods and services are very good, and sometimes excellent. I hope that some of you will write about those businesses that make a genuine effort to provide good value and service.

Who pays for this?
Actually, I have funded this site out of my pocket. I hope that some of you will send me a note of encouragement, and join our friends program to help defray the costs of maintaining this site.

Businesses are encouraged to be sponsors. It will demonstrate a willingness to hear both sides of the story and pay off in good will. Sponsorship will not keep us from publishing positive or negative submissions about any business entity.

Note: We are not a non-profit agency. It just turns out that way.
Donations or sponsorships are not tax deductible. Thanks!

Smiling Consumer

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