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Why I Started This Web Site

So many things happened to me and people I know. Things related to goods and services.

Am I the only angry consumer out there? I don't think so. Here is the place to tell your story. This Web Site was created to let you share your consumer experiences with the rest of the world.

Good things happen, too. We welcome both good and bad.  

I'll go first, since after all, someone has to.

Irritated ConsumerThe first exiting chronicle is about the time someone went through a red light and struck my wife's car. This is a really long story, but I'll make it brief.

The driver of the car was insured by a very well known national insurance company. They were responsive on the phone. 'Bring your car by our quick appraisal center, we'll give you a check, and you are done'. It sounded too good to be true, and it was.

The damage to our car was around $1,000.00. They gave us a check for about 25% of the repair costs. This company has a toll free number to report insurance fraud, so I called. "Your company is committing insurance fraud with me, and therefore, probably with millions of other Americans", I told them. They didn't think it was funny.

To make a long story short, by spending a lot of my time, ( which is not refundable ), I was able to get about 50% of the damage to the car. This was an instance in which this famous insurance company claimed another victim. Insurance fraud perpetrated by a company with a toll free number for reporting insurance fraud!

Since I am the editor of this site, I will not mention their name. That would be a violation of my principles, something that is often lacking in today's business practices.

To be even-handed, I will chronicle a good consumer experience.

Smiling ConsumerAs a working couple, we have two old cars, each with over 100.000 miles. Being the genius that I am, my strategy was to get a third old car. This way, we would have a spare, since cars break down from time to time, and we need them to get to work.

Armed with Consumer Reports' Car Buying Guide, and trembling with excitement, we headed into the dangerous world of used car shopping.

Our first stop was as expected. We did not buy a car there. Due to a road construction detour, we wound up in a Saturn dealer. ( I know this is a plug, but we need to let those companies that are doing it right know. ) The salesman showed us a list of used cars, and told us that the prices were not negotiable. If we liked a car, we could buy it at that price. No less, no more.

We looked at three from the list, bought one (a Honda), and then had our picture taken with the car. Hey, it's not a big deal, but they made us think that they cared, which is a lot more than you get in some places. It was (is) a good car, at a good price, with no baloney.

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